Basement Bathroom: Almost Finished

The last basement puzzle piece is nearly finished.  Starting from scratch after demo, we framed new walls and have checked rooms off one by one.  A newly finished theater/hangout room, guest bedroom,  small mud nook, and laundry room are all finished minus some accessorizing.

Only ten months after tearing everything apart, the bathroom is just about finished, too.


We built the custom vanity  with a combo of storage options.  Drawers for small items, a cabinet for large/ugly things, an open shelf for toilet paper and/or towels, and a gap at the bottom to keep it from feeling too heavy.


As soon as the paint cures, sconces and a wood mirror will go up.



By far the most involved room, the bathroom has taken many weekends over the last few months to get put together, with the shower taking up the bulk of the time.  Forming the shower pan, coating the walls with red guard, tiling the floor, walls, and ceiling isn’t a quick process and requires a lot of dry time.

It’s all worth it for the finished product.


Caulking the tile seams still has to happen before the shower is usable, but that’s a small step in the scheme of things.


A soap nook above the shower control is convenient, but out of sight from the door to keep ugly bottles hidden.


Tiling the shower ceiling is a new thing for us, but really elevates the look while keeping the moisture inside.  A sleek shower head extends from the ceiling for a modern look.


Next to the shower, behind the door in the old closet space, we built four shelves to hold any bathroom necessities or accessories.


It’s a far cry from the orange and yellow beginnings, that no matter how much scrubbing, never felt clean.




And now I can tackle the fun part of adding art and accessories.

8 thoughts on “Basement Bathroom: Almost Finished

  1. Great job! It’s amazing how much you have gotten done. It may have felt like a long slog at times but oh my, thinking of where you began kind of blows the mind. Is the pool room next?

    1. HAHA! I’m not the only one waiting patiently for the pool room reno!

      Amanda, your bathroom looks amazing! The tile is so beautiful and I love how thoughtful you are about design- hiding the shower nook from the door is genius! I need to think more like you. 🙂

      1. Hi Maryanne!

        Ha, the pool house is THE most asked about project. We’ve actually started with a little demo, so it’s actually happening. 🙂

        And thank you so much for the sweet compliments! I just hate seeing the bottles and junk right away, so it’s nice to put it on the least seen wall.


    2. Hi Barbara!

      Thank you!! It certainly can feel long and drawn out while going through it. I guess when I think about it, 10 months for a complete gut to finished 1000 square foot space doesn’t seem too bad. And YES!! The pool house is next, we’ve actually started with a little demo work. Yay!!


  2. This is definitely a great transformation, but I have to question the use of a ceiling-mount rainshower head. Sometimes people (usually women) like to shower without having to wash their hair, and an overhead rainshower makes that nearly impossible unless you use a shower cap which are pretty miserable (crazy loud for the wearer.)

    1. Hi Kellie!

      I completely understand your questioning about the shower head, but I can easily shower without washing my hair just by slightly leaning. Because we’ve had a similar shower set up in our bathroom for nearly three years, I can say I love it and don’t think it’ll be a problem. 🙂


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