Gold & Herringbone-What Could Be Better?

Here’s another tale about tables in the family room.  Apparently I can’t get enough tables.  But this change was prompted by Ben.  Whenever he wore cargo pants, the pocket caught on this little table.  Thus resulting in knocking over my succulent at least three times.  Until the gold pot shattered.  Time for a change.


My small table buying habit came in handy this time.  An old, boring black Target table sat in the entry.  A round table with heavy base should be okay, right?  But it was ho-hum.  So what’s a girl to do?  Pull out the gold spray paint and go to town, that’s what.


Why stop at gold when herringbone would make it even better?  So I got thin poplar strips and cut into 1 by 4 1/2 inch strips.


You can find poplar at Home Depot or balsa and basswood at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, if you’re interested.  To start on the herringbone pattern, I used a tray with a square corner to guide my starter strips.


I started with wood glue over the old top and let these two pieces dry.


With the starter strips dry, I easily lined up the rest of the rows.


With the entire top covered (I used Liquid Nails for the edge pieces), I taped around the outer line to reduce wood splitting and chips.  After testing a hack saw, I used a sharp utility knife to cut follow the round top.


For a clean edge, I glued on birch wood veneer.  Two quick coats of Polycrylic and here she is today:


A mix of shiny metal and warm wood to liven up this little corner.


It’s not perfect, but it makes me smile.


And ties in perfectly with our fall color scheme and decor.


But it can work in year round.  If I change my mind, I can give it a quick coat of spray paint, too.  What do you think of this quick and cheap makeover?

Fall Mantel Tutorials & Free Design

Hey there, you!  How was your weekend?  We got something fun done and we can’t wait to share.  Here’s a teaser until Wednesday.


Aside from warm caramel apple cider and pulling out my sweater collection, nothing gets me more in the mood for fall than decorating for the cooler season.  Last week, our family room and mantel changed from summery greens to fall-ish jewel tones.  And all for only a few bucks.  In fact, I spent about five bucks on the mantel arrangement.  Two dollars for the white acorn (Goodwill) on the left and three bucks for a bottle of Liquid Leaf.


The deer silhouette is a cut out mounted to a contrasting card stock.


If you like Buck, you can make your own using my deer silhouette print.  Choose the opposite direction you want him to face, print on your colored paper, cut out, and tape to another piece of paper.


But my favorite is the gold Liquid Leaf feather painting.  I already had a large piece of gray paper, but a sheet is about $2.


Before stinking up the house with Liquid Leaf, I sketched my feather design in pencil.  Once happy with my design, I used a fine artist brush to cover over with metallic gold.


Wrapping anything – candles included – with embroidery floss is a cheap and easily changeable way to add color.


Start by tying a knot around your object, leaving a long loose tail and the bundle of floss attached.


Wrap the floss around, covering the tail as you go up.  Don’t worry about getting each strand right next to the rest.  Gently push down after several wraps.


At the top, tie a knot, using the rest of the beginning tail to keep the wrap tight.

While I loved the bright colors in the bar nook, it screamed summer.


Left over black and gold spray paint covered the green frame.


And more gold Liquid Leaf over the Eat, Drink & Be Merry print for glitz is fall perfection.


I’m working on a few more fall pillows, too.  What do you do for fall?  What gets you in the mood for changing seasons?

The Jewel of Fall

Generally speaking, I’m not a lover of traditional fall colors.  Red rarely appears in our house, though orange is growing on me.  So this year, I paired orange with some of my year round favorite colors.  Teal, pink, purple, and gray.  Deeper tones really set a warm, cozy feel that’s perfect for fall.


Our mantel art felt too summery, so I made a few new pieces with items I already had around the house and natural pieces.


Feathers and antlers found on my father-in-law’s ranch add a rustic element.


A cut out deer silhouette was simple.  Look for more info on these art pieces next week.


For the main item, I painted a feather using Liquid Leaf and a large sheet of gray paper.


For a little height, I pulled out two glass candle sticks.  Having only cream tapers on hand, I dug in my embroidery floss bin and found eggplant, magenta, and burnt orange to wrap around.


Of course the opposite side of the room has a few seasonal changes, too.


A color blocked pillow I sewed along with a burnt orange suede pillow from Sears on one end.  I’m waiting on this silk and mirror pillow for the other end.  I saved a couple of bucks using codes, too.


Accessorizing the coffee table was simple.  A piece of driftwood, white faux pumpkin, the gold wishbone, and a simple pumpkin patch-inspired by Kirsten’s.


While making Ev more mini foods, I molded a few pumpkins, poked wire in the bases, baked and painted them up.


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Wrapped Planter

Last week, while at the hardware store, I spotted a shelf of mums, ornamental kale, and cabbage.  The colors of the kale were pretty, but the giant leaves on the cabbage reminded me of a fiddle leaf fig.

Based on other reports of the difficulty of caring for fiddle leaf figs, I know I shouldn’t even try it.  Though I’ve been tempted, I’m sure it’d die within a month.  Instead, this three buck cabbage will add some greenery without bruising my ego if it dies.  Problem was, all my cute planters were too small to hold it.  Then I remembered a stack of orange plastic pots we found in the attic.  Perfect size with a built-in saucer, but perfectly ugly.  Using a sharp utility knife, I cut the rounded plastic top off and warmed up my glue gun.


A roll of wood veneer (left over from this pendant) worked perfectly to hide the plastic planter.  I wrapped the roll around the planter to determine the length needed, cut with scissors, then hot glued the ends in place.  As I neared the slightly wider top, I added more glue in the middle.


It’s a fun and quick cover up for a plastic pot.


While I had the veneer out, I also made a few small decorative spheres.


I wish I had a stash of chunky rope, because these sisal planters and this rope pot are equally good-looking and simple.

Speaking of adorable planters, how sweet are these tiny cork succulent holders?

Do you have a cute planter idea?  Or a house plant even a black thumb gardener like me can’t kill?  Have you kept a cabbage indoors?

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Going for the Gold

Hey there, everyone and happy Friday!  After a week of sick kids (and now I’m getting the same cold) I’m really ready for a weekend.  While the boys have napped, I’ve worked several gold items into our house.  Some serve a purpose and others are face lifted items we already had.  Here’s one that is super useful to me:


A stump, slit cut in the side (using a hack saw), then gilded with Antique Gold Rub’n Buff.


Is now a handy recipe card holder in the kitchen.  But it can also display a picture or store recent important receipts or coupons.


While I had the Rub’n Buff out, I used it on a plain white tray.  Eyeballing it, I taped off a design and used a scrap of old t-shirt to buff gold over the rest.


Hello fun little tray!


I shall use you to control our remotes.


Because I couldn’t stop there, (addicting much?) I covered over the flourescent orange ends of this little timer.  They boys got a few from the dentist, so one is living on the guest room bookshelves.


Odd, I’m developing an hour-glass collection.  Perhaps to go along with my recently discovered owl turned doorstop group.

After my Rub’n Buff binge, I moved on to gold spray paint.  Because why not?  I used most of the can for another project.  Rather than store the little left, I sprayed this little succulent planter:


And my perpetual calendar box.


Five rooms got a touch of gold in the past week.  Midas touch, I’ve got it.  Ha.  What’s your latest addiction?  Gilding everything in sight?  Hour-glasses?  Owls?