The Fix Up

Finding a diamond in the rough at a thrift shop or second-hand store is a thrill.  Rescuing something that others consider trash is kind of fun.  Taking something from ugly to beautiful while giving it a new life is an economical way to add to your house.  By fixing up an old piece, you’re saving it from the landfill.

Which is Crucial Vacuum‘s goal.  Crucial Vacuum supplies replacement parts for vacuüm cleaners and other small appliances.  Too often, a vacuüm cleaner that just needs a little TLC gets thrown away.  Crucial Vacuum wants to see how you are re-using, recycling, and repairing wherever possible.  We’ve joined forces to host a fun little competition.  Show us something you’ve fixed up/reused/recycled/upcycled and in one week Jess at Crucial Vacuum and I will choose one winner.  That lucky winner wins a $100 Amazon Gift Card, courtesy of Crucial Vacuum.

We’re certainly no strangers to rescuing items from shops, Craigslist, or even the trash.  Several years ago, I refinished a beat up bookshelf that originally belonged to my great grandparents.  It happily lives in the boys’ room:


More recently, we pulled small marble remnants from a junk pile to top old end tables.


A thrifted dresser got a new lease on life after stripping down old layers to reveal a beautiful cherry wood Drexel dresser.


These five dollar chairs I scored didn’t look so hot before refinishing and upholstering.

MCM Chairs by Fireplace from Breakfast Nook

To keep our couch usable, Ben fixed our broken couch support.


But the biggest saved from the trash project we’ve tackled is our reclaimed wood beam unique deck.


From that alone, we saved thousands of pounds of wood from the landfill.  Even better, we have a sturdy, schmancy new deck.  Now it’s your turn!  Show us any projects you’ve tackled that have saved something from becoming trash.  Anything goes.  You can share a link in the comments section here OR post a photo on our Facebook page OR use the tag #OHAFixMeUp to share on Instagram.

This is not a sponsored post; we were not paid or compensated to share.    Just love a fun, friendly competition with a $100 Amazon Gift Card winner prize provided by Crucial Vacuum. 

12 thoughts on “The Fix Up

  1. i’ve refinished quite a few pieces of furniture in recent years. A cool Drexel buffet that had a horrible finish now has a nice coat of paint and looks great in our living room!

  2. I am redoing a sad poor GARAGE that was to be torn down on a lot. I bought the lot and the 480 square ft. garage, and am turning it into a home. Maybe I should start my own blog…..

  3. I think our favorite trash to treasure is our coffee table. The husband met a farmer who was tearing down his old barn and was going to haul all the barnwood to the trash…or worse, burn it. Husband hooked up the trailer and brought it all home to us! He built our lovely coffee table from it, and we have BIG plans for the rest! here is the link:

  4. I will try to find a recent project with which to enter this contest, but wanted to share that just Thursday I used a Crucial Vacuum YouTube video to repair my vacuum! 🙂

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