My Dark Side

Thank you for all the paint help and suggestions!!  I went with my gut and painted the bathroom walls nearly black Wrought Iron.


And I love it!  We used extra deck stain on the corner post.  Because it might get wet, we like that it’s outdoor grade, but colors the plain fir beam.


But back to the walls.  I already preferred Wrought Iron over the Blue Sage and decided to go for it.  Even when I painted the bedroom Blue Sage, I didn’t love the color.  What I really wanted was a darker version of the old guest room.


Why use something I didn’t love?  I debated getting a sample of the Sea Green (guest room color) at 200% tint.  But I didn’t want the bedroom and bathroom to look like they should match, but didn’t.  I’m happy I took the Wrought Iron risk, because our towels and accessories stand out against the black.


With a bright white ceiling, trim, lower wall planks, and plenty of light from the window, this room can handle dark.


The dark pops against the white trim and makes the marble shower more of a focal point.  And after all that tile work, that makes me  happy.


I’ve found white 96 inch curtain liners (just need to order), but I’m stuck on the outer, decorative curtains.


In my head, I picked out these Mallard Velvet Curtains from World Market.  They’re not in stores, so I checked online.  Hmm, not listed in their stock either.  Booooo!  The color is perfect and the velvet would look ultra luxurious, but also function on the windows.

Now I’m not sure what to use.  While velvet might not hold up in a humid bathroom, the color and price were right.  Back to the drawing board.  The sconces are perfect, though.


Fingers crossed we can grout the floor and shower so we can get this bathroom almost completely functional.  Then Ben can work on the American Walnut vanity.

If you’re on team Wrought Iron, what do you think?  Any original team Blue Sage converts?

Winner & Etsy Favs: December

Sorry this is a day late, but, we’ve got a giveaway winner.  Wendy, you’re the lucky duck getting to choose something from Wilderness Romance and Chipmunk Cheeks!  Woot!  And Emily, have fun picking out something from Chipmunk Cheeks.  Enjoy, ladies!  And now, check out these awesome Etsy finds I spotted this month.

You Are Loved Tote Bag from Pink Olive

Buffalo Tea Towel at Native Bear

Blue Waves Watercolor by Yao Cheng Design

Acoustic iPhone Sound Dock from Schutten Works

Mini Metallic Gold Arrows at Fletcher and Fox

Walnut Gem Lamp by Worley’s Lighting

Crochet Pattern Pillow from Belles and Ghosts

2014 Astrology Calendar at Prismatic Print Shop

Geometric Cushion Cover by Nirwa

Indigo Batik Hmong Pillow Cover at From Past to Present

Old Growth Pine Tree Print from Linton Art

Swallow Wall Art at Prince Design UK

Geometric Art Print from By Samantha

I’m seriously crushing on the swallows, arrows, and tree print.  Like, they’ll have to make an appearance in our home.

Blue Sage or Wrought Iron?

Wanna see some master bathroom progress?!  When we last left off, the bathroom looked like this:


Freshly installed tongue and groove planks on the ceiling and most of the walls.  Pretty slate tile on the floors and marble herringbone on the walls.  Certainly a far cry from the 70’s yellow and brown tile we started with;

Master Bathroom Macinack Island Green

Over the weekend and even over Christmas Eve and day, I spent some time mudding, filling holes, sanding, caulking, priming, and painting.  And here we are this morning.


No more Franken-walls.  Or cabin-y planks.  Just lots of fresh, clean, bright white.  I still have to put one more coat of paint on the ceiling and wall planks, but they’re looking good.  After that, we can grout the shower and floors.  Which means we’re only a few steps away from installing the clawfoot tub and toilet.  And having a finished, functional shower.  Though the vanity has to be built.


But I really need your help.  I’m somewhat torn on a wall color.  In the left corner, we have Blue Sage (color matched to Restoration Hardware) and in the right corner, the heavyweight champ Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore.


Both have pros and cons, so let’s discuss.  Pros for Blue Sage:  1.  I have enough paint left over from our bedroom.  2.  It matches the bedroom, for a seamless transition.  3.  If we used this color, I would use a plain white curtains on the shower and window (maybe jazzed up with trim).  96 inch long white curtains are easier to find.

But, this color does have cons:  1.  More green than blue, which is what I’d really want.  At the point we replace the windows, I’ll probably repaint the bedroom, so the bathroom would get changed then.


Pros for Wrought Iron:  1.  I love how dark and dramatic it is. I’ve dreamed of dark, black walls for a while now.  With the big window and all the white, I think this room can handle dark walls.   2.  The high contrast of nearly black against the white planks is beautiful.  3.  Colors would pop and look crazy awesome against this color.  4.  If we used this color, I’d love to use solid, colorful curtain panels to bring in some color.  5.  The exterior of the clawfoot tub is also this color.  But the con is, I don’t have enough paint left over from the tub.

So, dear readers, which would you choose?  Cozy green or dark and dramatic nearly black?

Supply and Demand

Lately, we’ve had a problem area in my office.  The little area dedicated to the boys coloring supplies.  We’ve got a drawer of coloring books, stickers, markers, crayons, and scissors.


And a big pile of papers on top.  Oh, and a dollar thrifted hippo with three broken crayons stuck inside.


And every day, several times per day it drives me crazy.  Usually crayons are scattered over my desk top, tiny paper clippings on the floor, and pieces of tape stuck to almost everything.  So, I did a quick clean up.  The drawer divider wasn’t working well to hold supplies.  Instead, I stuck everything in a small Ikea planter and a candle holder.


The coloring books are still inside, but without the divider, we’ve got room for the stack of papers.  And a Grinch.  Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a Grinch.  Or a semi-cute, semi-creepy thrifted man boy bust.


He was cute, only two bucks, and hand crafted back in 1972.  Ben saw him just after I sprayed him white, but still finds him creepy.

How do you store your kids’ art supplies?  Please, please, someone, anyone! tell me you have a method that works.  I’m not sure how this will go.  I like letting my boys create as they wish, but I’m about to keep everything out of reach so they have to ask.  Help!

Walk the Plank

You guys, I’m so, so excited with the progress we’ve recently made on the master bathroom.  Like seriously, grinning from ear to ear happy.  Because we’ve got tile on the floors and shower.


With the floor and shower walls 90% done (we still have to grout), we turned our attention to the ceiling and walls.  When we demoed the bathroom, the ceiling had holes from the old shower structure.  And orange peel texture under, while the rest of the ceiling was knock down.  Neither of which we’re fans of.  To remedy the situation, we installed pine tongue and groove boards.


We wanted the boards to run the length of the room, but that parallels the ceiling joists.  So Ben cut old siding scraps to nail in place, and then nail the T and G into.



Knowing we’ll add the claw foot tub we pulled out of the main bathroom, we wanted a little extra to protect the sheet rock walls.  Here’s the tub’s current condition:


After tossing around a few options, we settled on tongue and groove boards three feet up the walls.


We’ve still got a few boards to install, but it’s looking rather rustic and cabin-y in there.  Which isn’t my favorite look, so we’ll paint the ceiling and walls glossy white.


I spent a few hours last night filling nail holes and sanding down drywall.  I’m hoping to get everything primed over the weekend.  After that, we can grout and put the tub and toilet in place.  Then build the vanity.  Already, it feels like we’re moving faster on this than the main bathroom.  What projects are you working on?  Any tongue and groove in your house?  My father in law is pushing for natural wood.