Bathroom Before and After

When we moved into this house, the master bathroom was dated with yellow tile on the floors, counters, and shower.  The brown grout always looked dirty.  And those red walls.  Oh, I couldn’t stand those red, patchy walls.


Though the bathroom was large and filled with light from the big window.


A shower leak bumped this remodel up the priority list, and we couldn’t be happier to bid the old room adieu.  Last fall I quickly painted the walls a light green, just to cover up the red (but didn’t bother taking the light fixture down to paint behind).  So, here’s what the room looked like before demo work began:

Master Bathroom Macinack Island Green

Master Bathroom Macinack Island Green Window

Which is a stark contrast to the finished room we’re using today:


Ben built a custom solid walnut vanity topped with a vessel sink with stainless steel countertops.


Wood planked walls and ceiling give subtle texture and the nearly black painted upper part has a high contrast I love.


Accessories and the long teal linen window curtains pop against the neutral walls.


Simple DIY art, arrows, and a copper bud vase add personality and really make the room feel lived in.



The new slate floor and marble shower tile feels ultra luxurious.


Our low profile curtain hanging system also helps keep the bathroom open and airy in a way even a glass wall couldn’t.  And with far less cleaning and maintenance.


But we can’t forget the tub, because that’s a key piece in this remodel.  By shortening the vanity to a single sink, we were able to make room for the claw foot tub.


I’d love to make a small shelf to rest on the tub, because the rattan stool is in the way of the door swing.



One last item on the bathroom to do list is replace the window and surrounding trim this spring or summer.


Finishing a room always feels great, but this one is especially satisfying.  So many elements we love, some we weren’t comfortable putting in a main bathroom.  Like the claw foot tub.  The boys have used it a few times already, and we’re happy not to have to worry about four sides of splashes on a daily basis.


50 thoughts on “Bathroom Before and After

  1. I love it!! I was not sure about the dark paint but it is wonderful. My favorite piece is that gorgeous vanity!!!!! Ben did a great job.

    1. Hi Angel P!

      Aww, thank you! You’re not the only one who was unsure of the dark paint. But I totally agree with you on the vanity. 🙂 That and the marble shower are my favorites.


  2. It really is gorgeous, and I am super into that color combo right now (white, dark grey, walnut wood tones, and gold… yum!!!) We recently remodeled our guest bathroom in these colors as well, so obviously, you know, great minds… haha. Good job!

  3. I’ve been watching this transformation from the beginning and all I can say is F*** this looks good. SO GOOD. Thank you so much for inspiring my master bath color scheme!

  4. Wow looks amazing. Got some inspiration for our guest bathroom. Very nautical and rustic. I can feel the Breez

    1. Hi Erikaearle,

      We got it at our local lumber supply. Most real lumber yards have a good selection or they can order it in for you. This is American Walnut and was so nice to work with and has a lot of character.


  5. Can you share the color of grey that you used? The company and color name? We are finishing up a kitchen remodel and want dark grey and you chose an amazing color. Your entire home was so incredibly well thought out – I love every detail. Inspiring.

  6. I love this so much! My husband and I have been looking for some bathroom inspiration to tie together our disparate vision for our (much smaller) bathroom. Quick question- now that you’ve been living with this for a little while, are you finding the horizontal tongue & groove is tricky to clean or requires more frequent cleaning than your tiled surfaces? Thanks so much, and beautiful, beautiful job!!

    1. Hello Chef Jill!

      Thank you so, so much for your kind words! Actually, the tongue and groove hasn’t been a pain to keep clean. The grooves are fine, it’s just the top that I have to wipe down occasionally. I hope that answers your question, but if you have more, I’m always here to chat. 🙂


    1. Hi Tina!

      Both the ceiling and lower walls are covered with tongue and groove pine planks, primed and painted with white semi gloss paint for durability. Let me know if you have any other questions I can help you with.


  7. Do you remember where you found the hook for your mirror? I bought something similar and I’m having a tough time finding something big enough and pretty enough to fit the leather strap. I remember seeing your beautiful bathroom from a couple years ago and was hoping to find some source info or where to look 🙂

    1. Hi Heather!

      The mirror hook is actually a large drawer pull from Home Depot. I had the same problem that you did but spotted this one for like three dollars and it worked perfectly. There are so many pull styles that you should be able to find something. To make it work, you’ll need a matching bolt, minus the head and a wall anchor. Just rotate the but into the knob, then into the wall anchor. Ours doesn’t bear any weight, there’s a hook on the back of the mirror that it truly hangs from, this just gives the look of the mirror hanging from this knob. Let me know if you still have questions. 😀

      Thanks and good luck to you!

  8. Hi there! I have a very similar structural column in my bathroom that I’m using as the corner of a shower as well. Do you have any additional details on how they designed/built that shower base around the column? Is it wood construction covered in a material? It looks from the pictures that it might be a custom metal shower pan of sorts.

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      You could do a mud bed that gets tiled over for the shower base. We had a local stainless steel fabricator build a shower pan to fit the shower size, going around the post.

      Does that help you with your questions? If not, please let me know and I’ll do what I can to answer better!


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